About Us

Conductors’ Point Audio, LLC is a Professional Audio Recording company who’s specialty is “on-location” digital audio recording of live acoustical performances.

In business since 1988, Conductors’ Point Audio, LLC was founded from a passion for high quality audio and the desire to provide quality, affordable recording and duplication services to groups of all sizes.

Utilizing our extensive classical music, conducting, and performance experience, we possess an understanding of “what” is being recorded that very few recording companies can offer.

Our years of experience providing the highest quality audio recording and duplication services for choral, orchestral, and organ have also provided our clients with the ability to broadcast their work on prominent radio stations such as NPR and WOSU.

What We Do

  • Specialize in on-location digital audio recording
  • Digital mastering & Full Digital Editing
  • Complete CD production and duplication services
  • Custom designed CD inserts, tray cards and labels
  • Professional Graphics & layout services
  • Real time duplication
  • Professional engineering experience
  • Expert editing
  • Professional consultation
  • Historical record recordings